Over the past several days, we have had the privilege of supporting the Longest Walk to Reverse Diabetes, Northern Route.  AHRN co-founder Brock Conway is at the present time, assisting the eight walkers/runners who have taken their message to the northern tribes.  The Southern Route, lead by Walk founder Dennis Banks, is currently at the San Carlos Apache community outside of Tucson, AZ.

As Chris Francisco, the Northern Route coordinator put it:  "we wanted to take our message to the Northern tribes and communities."  By doing this, they added about a thousand miles to their journey.  He pointed out before a community gathering Sunday evening gathered at Fort Missoula "we are not wealthy people, we need the support of the Native people to spread our message," and make a positive impact.  Diabetes is the number two killer of Native Americans.

The walk participants spent yesterday taking their message to area schools, and continue with their journey to Helena, Montana today.  The route taken will be through the Bonner area toward Lincoln, and will route toward Helena.  The weather today is chilly, it has been intermittent snow, wind and freezing temperatures.  This has not been easy for those making the journey.  One young man expressed his desire to help his parents, both of whom are borderline diabetic, another young woman is walking in the place of another woman.  Walkers expressed their desire to reconnect, learn, grow and become more aware of their fellow native people.  All walkers are dedicated and passionate about their message.  Their message brought welcome healing to the urban Indian Missoula community.  They will reach their destination in about mid-summer.